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Holistic Drug Rehabs

Over the past ten years there has been a tremendous rise in the number of drug rehabs claiming to offer drug free services - or simply holistic drug solutions. But who needs them and what do they really offer? We have compiled this brief article to enlighten you on various aspects of this topic.

Comprehensive Answers to Questions You May Have about Holistic Drug Rehabs

What are holistic drug rehabs?

Holistic drug treatment is a concept that incorporates spiritual practices alongside physical activities in order to acquaint a client with the metaphysical components of recovery. Holistic rehabs usually have a regimen consisting of outdoor activities, guided meditation, yoga instruction, healthy diet, massage, acupuncture and so on.

These institutions normally focus on three essential facets of life that is: the physical, spiritual and mental aspects. They normally come up with wholesome solutions that are not only designed to restore sobriety but also to improve one's quality of life.

Unlike conventional approaches, holistic methods do not aim at treating the underlying problem superficially. They focus on unearthing the root issue to get rid of impediments that could keep an addiction moving.

Holistic drug addiction treatment experts spend the bulk of their time analyzing the complex interplay of various parts of the body. They don't merely treat their clients like a collection of disparate components that have no relationship to one another.

Why should I choose them over other centers?

Drug free rehabs can provide tremendous benefits to people who deserve treatment for their entire being. According to information from the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration about 2 million Americans with mental illness abuse illicit drugs compared to a mere 15% of the general population. In that regard, if someone with an underlying mental problem receives half-baked treatment, the underlying mental problem can lead them back to substance abuse.

Drug free rehabs normally have customized recovery programs that encompass a client's entire evaluation in steps beyond drug habits. They use a common technique called dual diagnosis.

What is dual diagnosis?

The problem of drug or alcohol addiction frequently occurs with Schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and depression. In most cases substance abuse occurs first. Vice versa is also possible. Dual diagnosis is widely applied in the field of holistic drug rehabilitation with an aim of exterminating all evident and hidden emotional/psychiatric problems.

Although dual diagnosis is expendable in a simultaneous manner, it can (if necessary) be rolled out in a step by step manner.

What do I need to know before choosing a holistic drug addiction center?

Not all who claim to be in a position to offer holistic solutions to your drug problem are actually in a position to do that. That's why you need to take several precautions before making a choice of whom to approach.

Do some research

The foremost step you take is to conduct a thorough Google research for the following keywords:

  • Drug free rehab
  • Holistic drug rehabs
  • Holistic rehabilitation centers

If you want results from a particular place say Florida then you can add it to your search query to read something like: Holistic rehabilitation centers in Florida.

Most of the centers have elaborate websites that highlight the function conducted within their confines. Make sure to compare different sites to find one that is right for you.

Founded on spiritual principles

In line with the core principals of the concept of holistic treatment, most treatment facilities are usually founded on spiritual principles. Due to the fact that spirituality is an important aspect of total recovery from drugs, you then need to work with a spiritually inspired community. To get a clearer picture as to whether your preferred provider has a staunch spiritual background we suggest you take a brief look at the mission and vision sections of their website.

Treatment options being offered

It's imperative to choose a wide program because not all treatment strategies work equally well for all problems. Ask your preferred center for a brief insight into their program. Please note that some programs allow you to quit at some point if you're uncomfortable with them.

The duration of the program

Some programs last for 30 days, others 60 days while others are long-term. Find out which program you fit in.

Staff credentials

Expertise and experience play a vital role in drug treatment. Quality holistic drug rehabs normally have a small team of medical professional and psychotherapists. Other members of staff should as well be thoroughly trained and experienced to deal with different addiction problems.


Location is yet another crucial factor that you need to consider while looking for a suitable drug free program. If you're preferred center is miles away, you may be forced to weigh its potential pros vs. the potential travel costs.

How about the cost?

Due to the wide range of activities offered by holistic drug rehabs, the total cost may not be that cheap. However, you should not let price precede quality. If possible ask for a comprehensive breakdown of the costs so you can make a thorough comparison of different programs. Find out if there are activities that you may opt out of to save some money (if necessary).

Success rate

Don't go out there expecting to find a program with a 100% success rate; again, do not go for programs with a dismal track record. A fair figure of 20% or higher would be good enough.

Who can benefit from holistic drug rehabs?

Drug free centers can benefit anyone who has a desire to live a sober life. There are no particular requirements for attending these programs except that one must have a deep passion for peaceful and idyllic healing.

In summary, holistic drug rehabs can be of numerous benefits to people who want to break old habits and to acquire new skills for addressing various triggers for drug-abuse. They are a perfect springboard for anyone who wants to re-engage with their world from a drug-free perspective. Their double-edged concepts are a sure way of dramatically recovering from a rough past.

Hope we've answered all your pressing questions on this crucial topic to your satisfaction.