Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Idaho has a significant substance abuse problem which results in devastating consequences not only for those involved in substance abuse but all residents. For those who abuse drugs and alcohol, there are the obvious health consequences. But there are so many social consequences involved as well, and spouses, children and others feel the effects of substance abuse in the state resulting in broken homes and other detrimental effects which compromise the quality of life in the state. There are solutions for substance abuse in the state which individuals and their families and friends can find out more about, and take advantage of right away. Drug rehab programs in Idaho and surrounding states are the best solution to resolving the substance abuse problem in Idaho for the many addicted individuals who simply cannot help themselves.

Alcoholism and the effects of alcoholism are felt in Idaho regularly, with the rate of alcohol induced deaths in the state being 20% greater than the national average. Alcohol is one of the primary drugs of abuse among treatment admissions to publicly funded treatment facilities in the state, so it is a broad problem effecting every age group and ethnicity in Idaho. The biggest illicit drug threat in the state is the powerful stimulant drug methamphetamine, and 35% of treatment admissions cite meth as their drug of choice. Marijuana is a close second among illicit drug treatment admission at 23%. Adult admissions for alcohol, meth and marijuana have increased two to three-fold over the past several years. Adult admissions for meth specifically have made the biggest jump, with an increase of 73% since 2005. Among youth, admissions for meth have dropped but have increased significantly for alcohol and marijuana, which has increased 35% since 2005. The meth problem specifically is a strain on residents and the criminal justice system in Idaho, where 52% of prisoners surveyed report that meth was the primary factor that put them in jail in the first place.

Alcohol and drugs destroy lives each and every day in the state of Idaho and nationally. The above statistics reflect the trend of many states that are in the same boat, and it is not just a problem that Idaho is faced with. States who have the best handle on the problem take preventative measures through outreach programs in schools and prescription take back programs, as well as law enforcement initiatives to dismantle local drug rings and meth labs. But for those already involved in substance abuse, there are treatment solutions available in the state to help. In Idaho, the drug rehab programs which have been helping individuals maintain sobriety and abstinence long after rehab is complete are private long-term programs. These programs require an inpatient or residential stay, for months in some cases. This can seem like a big commitment, but this has been proven to be the most effective approach to treatment. These programs allow the individual to be treated without distraction and for as long as needed to make a full recovery.