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Getting An Intervention For Drug Rehab

It can happen to any family.

There comes a time when a family member, friend or even spouse's addiction has caused so much destruction to themselves and others around him or her that it is recognized help is needed. Addictions of all kinds can cause despair not only in the addict, but also their immediate families. When a person becomes so enmeshed in this type of behavior it is hard or almost impossible to see the destruction they are causing. One should keep in mind to avoid judging and labeling a person as an addict, although for the purposes of this article this term will be used. This type of situation can happen to any person. For various reasons that are too numerous to mention. Which also makes any treatments for addicts very individual to themselves.

Often the people closest to the addict are hurt the most. They normally try all sorts of methods to try to get the person to stop. Or change their behavior. In the meantime they themselves become party to enabling or unhealthy behaviors like hiding evidence of their partners indiscretions, hiding the bottles of alcohol, phoning work to make excuses for absenteeism as well as denying the behavior themselves. After-all we love the person involved and want only what is best for them.

What is best for a family member who needs Drug rehab?

As mentioned earlier, a person who is in a vicious cycle of drug abuse and self abuse has lost insight into their position. Drugs can also create a loss of touch with reality, normal functioning and healthy choices. Some drug addicts do enter drug rehab on their own as they have reached rock bottom. They gladly seek the help they need and get on with it.

Some people are forced by family members or even the state to accept help at a drug rehab. The success rate of this is very low. Since change begins in the inside and with a new attitude. The best solution would be if all drug addicted people entered drug rehab on their own. However, this is not always plausible. But there are ways to get them to see how self defeating their behavior has been. Many success stories have been centered around an intervention. These have to be planned well in advanced, with almost perfect precision as there is so much at stake.

Getting an intervention for drug rehab

The main feature of this is to gather as many people as possible that actually care for the person who is suffering addiction. This could be family members, friends and even co-workers. Perhaps have a meeting beforehand to discuss similar behaviors that have caused distress with each of the persons involved. Getting an intervention for drug rehab can also be carried out by professionals, or simply people who care and are close to the addict.

It is a procedure that has to be precisely run as there are pitfalls and possible trouble areas or hazards ahead. If carried out smoothly the benefits can bring new life to the person suffering and relief to those who love them.

Some pointers on how to run a successful and safe intervention.

1. An intervention should consist of family members if possible and friends who care. Have a brief meeting beforehand to discuss how things should be set up in advance. Ensure all parties involved care about the person being assisted and their basic approach is one of love and care.

2. Make lists of the type of behaviors that have been causing distress. Also decide where boundaries are going to be placed. For example, I will no longer tolerate you not going to work, if you no longer earn an income you can no longer live in this house. Or another example could be, if there are police involved or the law I will no longer assist you with this. Each person will decide how stringent their boundaries are. Plus what they will or will not deal with.

3. Interventions should not be too overwhelming in size. A maximum number should total eight. No small children should be involved this is distressing for both the child and the person who is being addressed.

4. Decide on the seating arrangement during the intervention. Have a main speaker, one that is perhaps confident and firm enough to keep a grip on all family members at this emotional time. This person should remain level headed and firm throughout the process. He can also interject where he or she feels the process is going off topic.

5. Do not call the person an addict, or belittle them, use words like 'We are aware that you are suffering, we see this in the way you are ill on a daily basis'. Point out how certain actions are fruitless and only cause them more pain. This insight is possibly very powerful when agreed upon by a few people at once. This is where the power of intervention lies.

6. Make sure the problem is clear beforehand, explain why you are all there. That you are there because you care but also have made up your minds that you will no longer enable or approve of certain behaviors.

7. Focus on how the behaviors are effecting 'you' the intervener. Do not point fingers and accuse the addict of causing all sorts of troubles to the family. Sentences like 'I feel scared and filled with despair when you go missing for days on end, and I don't know where you are'. Is less threatening and also less abusive. This is not a gang mentality, but a sharing of feelings. Some people may have to jot down what they wish to say beforehand in order to keep to this constructive way of approaching things.

8. Understand this is an emotional time for the addict, they may become tearful scared or even make a dash for it. Have plans in place beforehand to ensure their safety. There is often a person that has the power to calm them and bring them back to the room. Decide who that person could be.

9. Have a treatment program or drug rehab ready for them. If they understand what has occurred and are ready for help, make sure you have the correct treatment or drug rehab center ready for them. There are so many to choose from. Finding the right fit for each person is paramount to a successful outcome. If you have contacted this drug center beforehand, often they will send a professional to sit in on the intervention plus assist your loved one to rehab the moment they say yes.

Getting an intervention for drug rehab can save thousands of lives every year. Many people do recover day by day to go on to lead successful lives. A drug issue can happen to anyone for various reasons. Loving a person also means taking a stand in order to save their lives. So getting an intervention for drug rehab can signal the start of a new and happier life for the person you love. If done correctly.