Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Substance abuse affects all communities in the state of Montana. Many residents in the state who are struggling with it want to put an end to it, but dont have the tools to do so. It often takes far more than just willpower to conquer substance abuse. Drug rehab programs in Montana and in surrounding states have helped thousands of individuals overcome substance abuse and can help you or someone you love today. Depending on ones treatment needs it is usually quite easy to get started right away in a number of drug rehab programs available in and out-of-state, and individuals and their loved ones can consult with treatment professionals to decide which option best suits their needs and how to begin the process as soon as possible.

Montana ranks very high nationally in regards to several substance abuse problems, including recent drug use among persons age 12 or older and among young adults age 18-25. The same goes for recent marijuana use among the same age groups in the state. In fact, an estimated 10% of Montana state residents report recent illicit drug use, well above the national average. This doesnt only apply to marijuana, as the rate of recent illicit drug use other than marijuana is also higher than the national average. Accordingly, the drug-induced death rate in the state is above the national average and drugs and alcohol take the lives of hundreds of residents each year in the state.

The situation is very dire because it affects individuals of all ages in the state and adversely impacts in the quality of life for so many. Prevention can begin immediately for parents whose teens may be predisposed to substance abuse or experiencing peer pressure from sources in and outside of the home. For example, it has been found that nearly one-quarter of Montana high school students consume alcohol before the age of 13, and about43% report having had at least one drink in the past month. In addition 42% sat that have tried marijuana at least one. Thats almost half of high school students in the state experimenting with or routinely using drugs.

The most effective way to address the problem if it already exists, no matter what the age, is effective drug rehab programs in the state. Private inpatient and residential programs which provide a long-term stay offer far superior benefits than any other type of program in the state. With the most obvious benefit being that the individual can receive treatment in an environment which is therapeutic and conducive to self betterment. Long-term drug rehab programs in Montana can last about 3 months but can sometimes take as long as a year, as there is quite a bit to overcome during the treatment process. This time and effort will pay off in the long run however when the individual is able to get their lives back and move forward in a healthy manner without ever having to turn to drugs or alcohol again in the future.