Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


The state of Alabama is faced with many alcohol and drug related issues among residents in all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. About 38% of residents in the state are drinkers, with many youth beginning to drink at around age 13. Current alcohol consumption rates for Alabama high school students is at about 40%, so nearly half of these students drink on a regular basis. To highlight this problem and its consequences, about 12% of Alabama high school students report driving after having consumed alcohol. Drinking and driving is a serious matter and causes many deaths on Alabama roads each year. There are about 200,000 adults each year in Alabama who would classify as alcohol dependent but dont receive treatment for one reason or another, so getting individuals of all ages into treatment in Alabama is an important issue to address in the state.

There are many drugs problems as well among both adult residents and youth in Alabama. Marijuana is a very common drug of abuse among residents in the state for example. The diversion and abuse of prescription pain killers is right up there with marijuana, as is the case in most states in the country. Individuals in Alabama abuse prescription killers much like they would abuse any illicit street opiate such as heroin, and achieve the same effects from abusing prescription opiates as they would with heroin. Abuse of drugs in Alabama causes many social problems for everyone involved. For instance, parental drug abuse was the main reason for child removal from homes in the state in 2010. There were also over 17,000 adults and youth arrested in Alabama for sale of possession of drugs in 2009, so the problem in severe.

The only way to address the drug and alcohol problem in Alabama is to treat it effectively. With youth in Alabama, early intervention is the key. Parents must wise up and take notice of any indicators or drug or alcohol use, and address the problem right away before it gets any worse. There are youth counseling programs in Alabama as well as very effective youth drug rehab programs for the more serious cases. Some Alabama youth may require a more intensive stay in an inpatient or residential drug rehab program, but it will be worth the effort to save their future. Parents should be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure their child gets the best treatment.

For adult residents in the state who need treatment, there are both publicly funded and private drug rehab facilities to cater to the needs of treatment clients, even those who think they are a lost cause. No one in Alabama should have to struggle one more day or be in fear of detoxing or withdrawal, when there are people standing by to help get them through it. There are outpatient and inpatient drug rehab programs available in Alabama, although individuals should consider inpatient and residential options as the more superior option. These types of programs are geared to provide intensive and effective treatment which will give individuals a better shot at making a full recovery.