Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


The state of Indiana is currently faced with a substance abuse crisis which affects residents of all ages in the state. When considering the consequences of substance abuse, whether it is alcohol, illicit drug abuse or non-medical use of prescription drugs, there are serious risks involved and consequences which can be life threatening. Despite the obvious negative health effects for individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol, substance abuse triggers many other negative impacts for residents in the state including social and economic consequences as well as being a threat to a healthy family structure. So it isnt just the substance abuser themselves who are experiencing a deteriorated quality of life, there is a domino effect for all residents in Indiana. This is why effective action must be taken to warn residents of the state about the potential dangers of any type of substance abuse, and also provide a means to resolve this problem that is readily available and effective.

The problem of substance abuse is a serious one in Indiana, and the state is in the top ten in the nation in terms of past month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana. Marijuana too is a very common drug of abuse in the state, and is the most common drug of choice among treatment admissions to publicly funded drug treatment facilities in the state. Methamphetamine is also a serious drug threat in Indiana and despite efforts to reduce the availability of the drug in the state, meth lab seizure incidents have increased significantly in recent years. There were 1,213 such incidents in 2009. Aside from the obvious illicit drugs of abuse, Indiana is also plagued by a very common problem that many states are finding themselves having to deal with, and that is the problem of prescription drug abuse. This is the most serious drug threat in Indiana at this time, and is a problem seen in all age groups in the state. For example, 20% of Indiana high school students report non-medical use of prescription drugs such as powerful narcotic pain killers such as OxyContin and Vicodin as well as stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin. In 2010, 654 died in Indiana as a result of drug overdose, pointing to a very serious public health concern in the state.

No one should have to struggle with substance abuse of any kind, which slowly eats away at anything good in ones life and leaves an individual with nothing in the end. So many Indiana residents lose hope, thinking there is nothing they can about their addiction to drugs or alcohol. This doesnt have to be the case, when there are treatment solutions right at their fingertips. These solutions are in the form of drug rehab programs in the state and in neighboring states. Programs which have proven to be the most beneficial are private programs which require long-term stay of 90 days or more in an inpatient or residential setting. These programs provide the intensity and length of treatment that Indiana residents need to recover from substance abuse fully so they can move on with their lives and have the quality of life they desire.