Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


There is no state in the country that is immune to the problem of substance abuse and the consequences that this can bring, and Arkansas is no exception. Whether we are talking about alcohol abuse, alcoholism, or any other type of substance abuse, the effects of this are very evident among all age groups, gender and ethnicities in every portion of the state. Because of the serious consequences which all residents experience and are affected by because of substance abuse in Arkansas, the need for effective treatment which is readily available for anyone who needs or wants it has never been greater.

The abuse of alcohol has been a serious problem in Arkansas for quite some time. This problem has only worsened in recent years, which is clearly evident when considering that there has been a 134% increase in alcohol only admissions to publicly funded treatment facilities in the state over the past decade or so. The consequences of this abuse are startling and ever worsening as well. For example, the rate of alcohol-related crash fatalities in the state is much higher than the national for both adults and youth in the state. Drinking and driving is a disturbingly common occurrence in Arkansas, with the most recent statistics showing that in just one year 19,000 drivers in the state had their license suspended for driving while intoxicated.

Alcohol is of course not the only problem, and Arkansas also experiences extremely high rates of abuse of marijuana, methamphetamine and pharmaceutical drugs. The abuse of marijuana is of particular concern among youth in the state as it is known to be a gateway drug, and nearly 16% of Arkansas high school seniors report past-month use of the drug. One in four young adults also admit to using marijuana in the past year, thats 25% of Arkansas residents between the ages of 18 and 25 which is a major cause for concern. And like every other part of the country, the prescription drug abuse epidemic is also very evident in the state of Arkansas and at the forefront of the drug problem in the state. Prescription pain killers as well as sedatives are the drug of choice in terms of pharmaceuticals, and rates of use among youth are particularly higher than their counterparts in the rest of the country. Methamphetamine use is also a significant problem, with rates of use higher than the rest of the nation on average. To highlight the problem, treatment admissions for methamphetamine abuse have shown the largest increase than for any other substance of abuse in recent years.

The problem of substance abuse in Arkansas must be addressed in a comprehensive fashion, taking into account preventative measures as well as well-known and effective treatment methods to help residents already addicted to drugs or alcohol. Prevention starts at home for Arkansas youth who are impacted by peer pressure, experimentation and substance abuse all around them, and parents must be vigilant. For individuals of any age who need help because they cannot overcome addiction on their own, there are both publicly funded and private programs in the state which can help. Private programs, whether in an inpatient or residential drug rehab setting, offer the most promising outcomes for individuals who need a more personalized and intensive treatment setting.