Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem in the state of Missouri which results in many consequences in all communities in the state and for its residents in general. Most of the time, it takes a lot more than willpower to conquer substance abuse, which is why the problem is so prevalent and widespread in the state. There are solutions in the state however, and things which can be done about it on an immediate basis. No one needs to wait until they or a loved one has hit rock bottom, as the saying goes. This is a common misconception which can lead to disaster because rock bottom for many is a deadly overdose. The solutions which offer the most hope and are most effective at resolving the problem are drug rehab programs in Missouri, primarily inpatient and residential programs which provide a long-term treatment option.

Substance abuse in the state of Missouri costs taxpayers an average of $1.325 billion per year. Unfortunately, most of this money is spent on the criminal justice and health related side of the problem, and only 3% of every $100 of state funding is spent on resolving the problem through prevention and treatment. Of the individuals in state prisons in Missouri for alcohol and drug related offenses, 90% can be categorized as needing substance abuse intervention and treatment. Additionally, 85% of Missouri residents paroled report being involved in substance abuse or being substance dependent. So the problem lies in addressing the wrong aspect of the problem, which is incarceration and other penalties, when substance abusing individuals can stay out of the criminal justice system for good if they were rehabilitated in an effective drug rehab program.

One in twenty residents who are 18 and older in the state of Missouri report being a heavy drinker. Female binge drinking in particular is a problem which has increased an average of 45% each year since 1995. In terms of illicit drug use in the state, Missourians also report very high rates of marijuana use, with young adults having the highest prevalence use rates in the state. Over the past decade or so, drug related deaths in the state have increased an average of 16% each year which shows just how serious the problem is. Drug-related deaths have risen in the state primarily because of the increasing rates of heroin and prescription pain killer abuse in recent years. Young adults in Missouri have been most affected by this problem, and about 12% of 18 to 25 year olds report pain killer abuse.

Substance abuse will very likely be a factor in the state and nationwide for some time to come. But it can be completely resolved on an individual basis for so many who struggle through life every day burdened by substance abuse. The only way to unburden oneself is to have the courage to get help at one of the many effective drug rehab programs in the state. Private long-term inpatient and residential care are the preferred programs and have the highest success rates of any other program available in the state.