Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


In the state of Illinois, many residents struggle with substance abuse and are looking for a way out. No one wants to stay trapped in a life of addiction, but it can be so difficult to overcome it on ones own. However, there are things that the people of Illinois can do to prevent the cycle of addiction. And most importantly, there are options available to effectively address substance abuse with the help of many effective drug rehab programs in the state and in surrounding areas. It is crucial for every resident of Illinois to understand the problem in their state, and be made aware of which options are available for themselves or someone they care about if help is in fact needed to overcome substance abuse.

The problem of substance abuse in Illinois is not limited to one age group or one substance of abuse. Heroin addiction is an extremely common and unfortunate problem in the state, and this is the primary substance of abuse among treatment admissions to publicly funded drug rehab facilities in Indiana. Likewise, the abuse of opiates other than heroin, primarily prescription pain killers is a serious cause for concern in Indiana. Rates of non-medical use of prescription pain killers and other prescription drugs have skyrocketed over the past decade in the state, and in all age groups. It is estimated that nearly 500,000 residents in Illinois are abusing prescription medications. This includes high school aged youth, 15% of which report having abused some type of prescription drug within the past year. As a result of non-medical use of prescription drugs in Illinois, state emergency room visits related to prescription drug misuse have increased significantly and this abuse has undoubtedly led to many deaths in the state. In 2007 alone, there were 1,239 such deaths in the state directly caused by drug overdose.

To combat the problem of substance abuse, many agencies in the state as well as federal agencies have instituted programs and methods to prevent the diversion of pharmaceutical drugs and have also made attempts to make illicit street drugs in the state less available. This doesnt however help those who are already stuck in a life of addiction, and need help getting out of it. For those who are already dependent and addicted to drugs and alcohol in Illinois, there is very little hope to kick the habit on ones own. There is hope however, and there are drug rehab programs in Illinois and in surrounding states which have helped thousands of state residents kick their habit.

Whether an individual is struggling with alcoholism or any type of drug addiction including prescription drug addiction, there is a drug rehab option which is right for them. There are 12-step programs, but there are many alternative options in and out-of-state as well for Indiana residents who either havent found the 12-step approach to help them or would like to try something different. Whatever the case may be, private long-term drug rehab programs which provide inpatient and residential treatment are going to give individuals the best chance at recovering from substance abuse and maintaining their abstinence once they leave treatment.