Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Like every other part of the country, the state of Nevada struggles with the serious problem of substance abuse. Whether it is abuse of alcohol, illicit street drugs or prescription drugs, this problem affects every person in the state in one way or another. Many residents caught up in substance abuse lose hope that there is any end to the struggle that becomes their every day reality. Even those who have every intention of quitting often fail to do so as they are only trying to address the physical symptoms. The real reasons they began abusing drugs and/or alcohol run far deeper than that and will need to be resolved as well if there is any hope for these individuals to remain abstinent. And it isnt only about being abstinent its about becoming truly rehabilitated and living a healthy and happy life. So effective drug rehab programs in Nevada are the optimal answer for individuals who want a better life for themselves on an immediate basis and also for the long-term future.

The substance abuse problem in Nevada is very severe, and it is ranked in the highest quintile of states for past-year illicit drug dependence or abuse for residents ages 12 and older and in all age groups for needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use. Prescription drug abuse in particular is problems which has become extremely widespread and prevalent in the state and has continue to worsen each year, in terms of rates of abuse and resulting consequences including prescription overdose deaths. There are now hundreds of prescription overdoses in the state each year, about 75% of which are ruled accidental. In fact, a significantly larger number of people accidentally overdose on prescription drugs each year in the state than those who overdose on other types of illegal drugs. Prescription drug abuse is not a problem exclusive to Nevada, and all states have been impacted by this problem. It is a national problem that will only continue to worsen unless a concerted effort is made to put more stringent controls on these types of drugs and other prevention methods such as educating youth about the dangers of prescription drugs abuse.

To be able to fully recover from substance abuse of any kind, individuals in Nevada must be taken out of the environment which may be triggering it and receive treatment in a place that is positive and promotes healthy life-style changes. Private long-term residential and inpatient drug rehab programs allow the individual to be in such an environment where they can focus on the task at hand, instead of being distracted by things which could cause a relapse at any moment. These types of drug rehab programs are available in and out-of-state and there are many different treatment methods available, including traditional programs and non-traditional ones such as holistic and alternative programs. Taking part in such a program gives individuals the best shot at getting their lives to a point where they can move forward in a more healthy and productive way.