Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Drug and alcohol addiction are problems in Michigan which need to be addressed in every age group, ethnicity, and level of society in the state. Substance abuse in Michigan is so widespread that it may seem as though there is little hope to overcome it. The key to solving the problem in the state is a multifaceted approach. Prevention is something which should be in effect in every home in Michigan, particularly for parents whose youth are at a vulnerable age and in an environment with so many pressures and opportunities to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Educating oneself about the dangers and risks involved with abuse of any type of drug, including non-medical use of prescription drugs, can help prevent this type of abuse in many cases as well. Overall, if anyone becomes involved in substance abuse in Michigan and needs help, they should know what treatment options are available to them and how to get this help right away.

Alcohol abuse at all ages levels in Michigan is a particular problem, including underage alcohol use which costs the state over $2 billion dollars per year in treatment costs for those youth who are referred to publicly funded treatment facilities in the state. In 2010 for example, underage youth accounted for 12% of such admissions in the state involving alcohol. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism has many detrimental effects aside from the economic costs associated with this abuse, and in 2009 alcohol contributed to 29% of the traffic crash fatalities in Michigan.

Opiate abuse, including abuse of heroin and non-medical use of prescription pain killers, is a serious cause for concern in the state. In 2010, there were over 5,000 treatment admissions to publicly funded treatment facilities in the state for prescription drug abuse alone. The number of admissions for opiates in general has increased four-fold over the past decade, primarily due to the rise in rates of prescription drug abuse in Michigan. There are many drug-induced deaths each year as a result of opiate abuse, a problem which is evident in every region of the country and one which has become a true epidemic. And much like alcohol related traffic crash deaths are recorded, so too are drug related crashed fatalities in the state, a statistic which has also been on the rise mirroring the other rising drug abuse statistics in Michigan.

Individuals in Michigan can greatly benefit from taking advantage of a drug rehab treatment program in their area, mainly because it takes them out of the environment which may have triggered their substance abuse and puts them in a safe and stable atmosphere where they can focus on their abstinence and treatment. Michigan residents in treatment in a private inpatient or residential rehab can take a step back and be able to assess what got them in the situation they are in and take part in life-saving treatment services and self discovery. Through counseling and education a drug rehab program in Michigan provides the treatment that can make a difference between life and death for most.