Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


The drug and alcohol problem in the state of Minnesota is a serious one, taking a serious toll on every resident in the state. While individuals involved in substance abuse in the state experience physical and psychological deterioration due to their substance abuse, one also has to take into account the effects on families and other parts of society in Minnesota which are devastated by this problem. It is a problem which also negatively impacts the economy and criminal justice system in Minnesota, and honest and hardworking tax payers in the state are often the ones having to pay for treatment for individuals caught up in substance abuse. So it is in everyones best interest to help resolve substance abuse in Minnesota, and it starts with education and prevention, and making oneself aware of what treatment options are available in the state.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism and its consequences are very evident and worrisome in the state of Minnesota. The past-month use rate for adults in Michigan is significantly higher than their counterparts nationally. Male binge-drinking rates in Minnesota are twice that of females. As a result, the DWI arrest rate in the state is over three times higher among men than females. In terms of illicit street drugs, the rate of past-month use of marijuana has increased over the past several years in Minnesota and is the most common illicit drug of abuse among youth in the state. About 20% of high school seniors in Minnesota report current use of the drug, with males reporting a higher rate of abuse than female students. A very common problem and one which is affecting every state in the country is prescription drug abuse, a problem which is extremely prevalent I abuse of prescription pain killers and stimulants. This is not only true for adults, but is also a serious cause for concern among youth in the state. Prescription drugs have become a coveted drug of choice among drug users of every age in the state of Minnesota, and this has resulted in many serious consequences including extremely high rates of drug induced deaths in the state.

To address the problem of substance abuse takes courage and a concerted effort. Substance abusers, their friends, their family and treatment professionals must all dedicate themselves to this process for it to work. Professional treatment counselors in Minnesota can help individuals and their families discern which treatment option is right for them. Private inpatient and residential drug rehabs in the state offer the obvious benefit of taking part in a drug rehab program which is a therapeutic and distraction free environment that most individuals in treatment desperately need. This gives an individual the best shot at being able to remain abstinent and achieve a higher quality of life. Private long-term programs take anywhere from 3 months to a year, which is insignificant when considering the reward one is working towards. It will be worth the time and effort when individuals can look themselves, their family and friends in the eye and know that they have truly overcome their worst demons.