Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


In Louisiana, substance abuse is an insidious and destructive problem affecting thousands of people in the state. Both alcohol and drug abuse, including prescription drug abuse, cause many detrimental health, economic and social consequences in Louisiana each day. Because substance abuse can take over a persons life to the point where quitting can seem impossible, the most effective answer to put an end to it is to seek treatment. There are many drug rehab options in Louisiana, and choosing the right one is an important step. Understanding the scope of the problem in Louisiana and how to find help for yourself or someone you care about is another crucial step.

To understand the problem of substance abuse, we can refer to many stats and studies which are done each year to determine if the situation is getting worse of better and also compare rates of abuse to other states in the nation. For example, among 8th grade youth in Louisiana, 24% report past month use of alcohol as opposed to 16% nationally. These rates follow suit for every grade thereafter as well, except for 12th grade which is on par with national rates. That is a big gap, and it is obvious Louisiana is faced with a much more severe problem than most states.

Among adults, Louisiana is consistently one of the highest ranking states in several categories, including illicit drug dependence among residents ages 12 and older. Cocaine is a very popular drug of abuse in Louisiana for example, and the state is in the top ten of states for past year use of the drug. The drug-induced death rate is also higher than the national average, as a result of these higher rates of illicit drug use and dependence. And much like every other state, Louisiana is also dealing with the very serious problem of prescription drug abuse. In the 18 to 25 year old age bracket, 12% of Louisiana residents have abused prescription drug for non-medical purposes within the past year. That is tens of thousands of residents who are abusing pain killers, stimulants and depressants and not taking into consideration the many dangers and risks involved.

To combat the problem of substance abuse in Louisiana, everyone must do their part to take preventative measures by educating youth in the state to ensure they dont fall prey to substance abuse. If they do, there are drug rehab programs in Louisiana for youth who have become drug dependent to save them from a bleak future. For adults, there are so many treatment options to choose from in the state, including drug rehab programs for specific genders, for persons with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders and even for gays and lesbians. No matter how severe someones case of substance abuse is or how long of a history they have with drugs or alcohol, anyone can experience a full recovery if they commit themselves to a drug rehab program. Long-term programs in particular which offer treatment in a residential setting are the programs with the highest success rates in the state and in surrounding state.