Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Substance abuse affects thousands of people in the state of Nebraska. Substance abusers in the state can sometimes lose hope that there is ever any end to it, after many failed attempts to quit on their own. Individuals will most often not be able to quit on their own because they are only trying to address the physical symptoms of substance abuse, thinking they can overcome it if they can just get through detox and withdrawal. But this doesnt address any of the real causes of substance abuse, which is why drug rehab programs are a more logical solution for anyone who truly wants to make their lives better and have a real shot are remaining abstinent. Drug rehab programs in Nebraska are effective at resolving substance abuse because these programs rehabilitate the individual, instead of just resolving physical symptoms.

To highlight the substance abuse problem in the state, over 50% of Nebraskans aged 12 and older have consumed alcohol in the past month, nearly 30% engaged in binge drinking, and 1 in 15 Nebraskans used illicit drugs. Both youth and adults in the state are twice as likely to report drinking and driving than their national counterparts. As a result, over one-third of fatal motor vehicle crashed in the state involves alcohol, taking the lives of many residents each year in Nebraska. In fact, over half of adults sentenced to probation in the state are so sentenced because of DUI. So this is a very serious problem in the state and one which must be addressed to not only better the quality of life for residents but to save lives. Other drugs of abuse including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and even diverted pharmaceuticals are serious problems in the state as well. Methamphetamine in particular is second only to alcohol among treatment admissions to publicly funded treatment facilities in the state. Abuse of prescription pain killers is also a significant problem in the state and in the country in general. One in every 30 residents in the state reports abusing prescription pain killers for non-medical purposes, and rates of abuse have been on the rise for several years.

For individuals who are having trouble kicking any type of substance abuse problem in Nebraska, it is just a matter of reaching out for help. Because so many substance abusers live in a state of denial about their problem, family and friends may need to intervene to get them into rehab before it is too late. Private long-term inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in the state are the best options available, because it is almost impossible to end the cycle of substance when you are in the same environment which may be triggering it. There is no quick fix or magic solution and it can take quite a bit of time to stabilize someone physically and emotionally and then fully rehabilitate them. It is all worth it in the end for those who want to achieve a healthy and drug free life.