Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Drug and alcohol abuse are problems in Delaware with effect residents of all ages, ethnicities and social and economic backgrounds. Individuals in Delaware who are caught up in substance abuse have a choice to remain that way or to get help from one of the many treatment options available in the state. If they cant make the choice to get help on their own it is sometimes necessary for those that love them to take control of the situation. Because there are so many potential consequences which can result for both substance abusers and others who are affected by this, it is important to understand the problem from all angles and how to overcome it.

The drug threats in Delaware threaten youth as well as adults. A recent survey of high school seniors in Delaware revealed that depending on the county the youth was in, rates of binge drinking range anywhere from 21-31%. When asking the same youth about heavy marijuana use, which is classified as six or more times in the past month, rates ranged anywhere from 9-15%. Thats a very significant number of youngsters in the state getting excessively drunk and high on a consistent basis. About half of students report they have no problem obtaining alcohol or any other drug they wish to use, including marijuana and prescription narcotics which they use to get high.

Likewise, adults in Delaware are becoming involved in alcohol abuse and illicit drug abuse at very high rates. The rates of past month alcohol and illicit drug use in Delaware are in fact higher than the national average on both counts. And both past month use of marijuana and drugs other than marijuana are higher than national rates, so it is not just an isolated problem with marijuana. Cocaine, heroin and prescription pharmaceuticals in particular are to blame for such high rates among adults in the state. Because there are so many individuals in Delaware who lose their quality of life, or in fact lose their lives because of substance abuse, it is important to get them the help they need right away before it is too late.

With so many potential risks involved with any type of substance abuse, it is not worth staying stuck in a life of substance abuse. There are professional treatment counselors in Delaware who understand what individuals caught up in substance abuse are going through, who are prepared to help them get their lives back on track. Resolving substance abuse is neither quick nor easy, but it can be resolved with the help of dedicated treatment professionals at one of the many drug rehab programs in the state. For both youth and adults who need treatment in Delaware, the most proven treatment options in the state are going to be programs which provide an inpatient or residential stay of at least 90 days. These types of programs in Delaware are typically private programs which are very often covered through many different types of health insurance. There are 12-step programs available but also very workable alternative options for those who would prefer something more holistic and non-traditional, yet effective.