Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


The state of Colorado has several serious drug problems. These drug problems, most of which are very evident, lead to many acute, long-term and permanent consequences all of which significantly lower the quality of life for both the user and others affected by their substance abuse. As a result, more and more residents in the state are looking for somewhere to turn to for help, whether for themselves or a loved one. It is important to gain a complete understanding of the scope of the problem and what one can do about it, so that the residents of Colorado who are affected can get a handle on the problem and resolve it once and for all. Unfortunately, time has shown that it is not going to resolve itself.

Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and prescription pain killers are the primary drugs of abuse among residents in the state of Colorado. Marijuana in particular is the number one problem both statewide and in the Denver metropolitan area. Indicators and statistics, based on treatment data, poison control calls, and emergency department visits in the state all point to this problem worsening over the past several years. Methamphetamine is the second primary problem in the state of Colorado, and is the second most common drug mentioned among treatment admissions to publicly funded treatment facilities in the state. About 27% of treatment admissions in fact say that methamphetamine is their primary drug of choice, a trend which since 2003 has surpassed cocaine admission in the state. Abuse of heroin and other prescription opioids such as methadone, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, codeine and oxycodone is a serious problem and cause for concern in Colorado, due to the large number of opioid cases showing up in emergency departments, calls to poison control centers, and those which cause accidental death each year in the state. Abuse of opioids is also an up-trending problem, meaning it is not getting better and if allowed to continue will very likely only get worse.

Addiction to any drug and abuse of alcohol is so destructive to the way of life and quality of life of so many Colorado residents. To resolve addiction and any kind of substance abuse, individuals will more often than not need help in doing so; most simply cannot summons the will power to stop on their own. With effective help, from any number of proven drug rehab programs in the state, individuals can overcome their substance abuse issues and get their lives back. For most individuals who are struggling with substance abuse in the state, short term and outpatient programs are not going to cut it. If at all available through insurance or self-pay, addicted individuals should take advantage of one of the many private long term residential or inpatient programs which deliver treatment services in the state. There are even such programs which are publicly funded in the state, which have proven very effective for individuals who want a more intensive and comprehensive drug rehab program to participate in.