Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


There are literally thousands of individuals in Tennessee who struggle with substance abuse, including alcoholism and alcohol, illicit drug, and even prescription drug abuse and addiction. Some individuals dont get help because they would rather live in denial about their problem. Some dont get help because they have tried to quit on their own but relapsed soon after. Either of these situations can end in disaster if the individual doesnt seek professional help at some point, and there are many alcohol and drug induced deaths in the state each year. Help is available at drug rehab programs in Tennessee and in surrounding states, so that individuals can apply actual treatment methods and techniques to the problem instead of feeling alone and helpless. Through treatment, individuals can become rehabilitated not just abstinent.

In Tennessee there is a very serious prescription drug abuse problem, with prescription pain killer and benzodiazepine abuse being the primary source of the problem. The state ranks first in the nation for rates of such abuse for residents ages 26 and older, so it is a problem which is extremely widespread and devastating in the state. Astonishingly, pain management clinics which are often known as pill mills are not regulated and even employ doctors whose licenses have been suspended or revoked. These doctors write prescription for powerful drugs and narcotics liberally and individuals use these drugs to get high much like illicit street drugs. Methamphetamine abuse is also an extremely prevalent problem in the state, and the number of individuals checking into treatment facilities in the state has increased dramatically over the past several years. Methamphetamine abuse and prescription drug abuse alike cause many serious consequences in Tennessee each year, and there are many overdose deaths annually in the state as a result of such abuse.

All of these substance abuse problems are not exclusive to Tennessee, and are problems which are national and global and have existed for quite some time. Luckily, this has allowed treatment professionals to understand the problem of substance abuse and which treatment methods work best, and which dont. Treatment approaches such as 12-Step programs are no longer the only programs available, and time has shown that some individuals may not excel in such programs. For example, there are alternative drug rehab programs and holistic drug rehab programs, and even programs to meet the needs of gays and lesbians or individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders. These options are available in Tennessee or nearby in neighboring states. Private drug rehab facilities, either in Tennessee or out-of-state, which provide inpatient or residential treatment, are the programs which are preferable in terms of long-term success rates. These programs allow for a distraction free atmosphere so that clients can benefit from their treatment without constantly having their abstinence compromised by negative influences. Long-term programs will provide the opportunity for individuals to take part in treatment services for the length of time needed to experience a full recovery, unlike short-term programs which are often inadequate in length and intensity in most cases.