Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center

Rhode Island

There are many individuals in the State of Rhode Island who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, and most dont know where to turn to for help. Many try the traditional 12-step method with no luck, or only make an effort to treat the obvious physical signs of addiction only to find themselves experiencing yet another relapse. All hope is not lost for anyone at any stage of drug or alcohol addiction in Rhode Island, because there are effective answers in the form of drug rehab in the state and in surrounding states. There are traditional programs available but even more effective alternative and holistic programs which treat addiction from every angle, including the emotional, psychological and spiritual side. After all, rehabilitation isnt just about getting sober or abstinent its about getting back to a point where one can live a healthy and productive life.

Alcoholism and its consequences are a particular concern in the state of Rhode Island, due to the problem being more prevalent and widespread than other states on average. For example, over 63% of residents in Rhode Island report recent alcohol use, which is significantly higher than the national average. About 16% of youth in the state begin consuming alcohol before the age of 13, so this problem not only affects adults but children whose futures may be negatively impacted by these circumstances. Because of alcoholism in the state, Rhode Island residents who do abuse alcohol experience higher rates of alcohol related health consequences than their national counterparts. This includes adverse consequences which are consistent with long-term alcohol abuse including heart and liver disease deaths.

Certain drugs are also cause for concern in the state, with marijuana and prescription drugs being at the forefront of the problem. Marijuana is used at disproportionately higher levels in the state than in other parts of the country, and is the most common illicit drug of abuse in all age groups in the state. About 22% of young adults in Rhode Island report recent marijuana use within the past month, and the state ranks 5th overall in all age groups for recent use of the drug. The number of youth in the state using marijuana is also significantly higher than the national average, and because it is a known gateway drug this is a serious cause for concern. Prescription drugs widely abused in the state are primarily pain killers such as OxyContin and oxycodone. Due to the escalating rates of abuse of such drugs each year, drug-related health consequences including deaths have exceeded national averages by almost 60% over the past decade or so.

Because drug and alcohol addiction can cause so many devastating consequences in Rhode Island for residents of all ages and backgrounds, it is important that every effort is made to prevent and treat the problems from all angles. Drug rehab programs in Rhode Island can offer the most hope and provide the most effective answer for those already caught up in addiction. Private long-term drug rehab programs with inpatient and residential facilities offer treatment in and out-of-state, and have been proven to provide the most optimal results.