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What type of rehabs are available in Coventry?

There may not be an easy absolute cure for alcohol or drug addiction, but medical professionals are sure of one thing: there's no such thing as an one-size-fits-all drug rehabilitation program that works for everyone. Coventry has several different types of rehab programs, each suited to different kinds of patients. The most common kinds of rehab centers offered in Coventry are inpatient and outpatient programs, traditional treatments, holistic drug rehabs, and religious based treatments of addiction. Each distinct kind of treatment provides a variety of advantages to different kinds of patients.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Coventry's inpatient alcohol and drug treatment centers can be considered a gold standard of drug rehab. These programs are the most comprehensive form of rehab center offered and they can tackle the issues encompassing withdrawal and detox, as well as any mental and emotional issues from disorders like depression and anxiety that frequently occur with addiction.

Inpatient rehabilitation is especially effective for people who've been suffering with long term addiction, though even shorter-term addicts may find that a 30 day stay is enough to wipe the problem and fully recover.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab centers allow the patient to keep going to work or school, but due to the fact the program is outpatient it's easier for the patient to relapse. Detoxification facilities as well as assistance with psychological and medical problems have to be separately addressed with an outpatient rehab program.

Outpatient rehab programs are therefore recommended more for people who have short-term addictions as well as for patients who have already finished an inpatient treatment program and just need support for their recovery.

Traditional Drug Rehab Centers

Traditional treatments are typically based on the 12 step programs and traditions. Since 12 step meetings are free, universal, and based in the community, many people feel that beginning their recovery process with one of these programs is very beneficial. Different traditional treatment programs have different ideas. Some focus on just the 12-step approach, while others incorporate different aspects of treatment. Patients benefit most from these programs when they attend meetings on a daily basis.

Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic treatment programs are usually inpatient programs that involve the whole spectrum of treatment options, from 12-step ideology, psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, medical care, to alternative therapy like yoga and acupuncture. These programs have a tendency to focus on whole body health and good nutrition as well as approaches of improving emotional health. These programs have been proven to be extremely effective in the long term.

Religious Drug Treatment

Religious drug rehabilitation programs integrate a heavy emphasis on religiously-oriented spiritual health and healing, as well as the medical and therapeutic options of holistic and traditional drug rehab programs. They can be effective with patients who were raised to have faith in a particular religion and feel that going back to their religious roots would help with healing their addiction. Coventry is home to a number of different religiously oriented drug rehabilitation programs. The majority of Christian drug rehab programs have a tendency to focus on the 12 step approach due to its belief in the influence of a "higher power".

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