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All about Drug Treatment in West Warwick

Drug use and abuse is not only detrimental to physical health, but also, has tremendous effects on the mental stability of the drug user. Drugs cause problems the user as well as their immediate family and friends. Addiction has often torn many families apart. Fortunately help is readily available, but the first step towards recovery lies in accepting that there is an addiction problem. This is where the importance of a loving and supportive family and friends becomes apparant. Without some sort of a support group, it is difficult for an addict to find enough courage to accept help for their problem. Family and friends can be a motivating factor which steers the addict toward the path of recovery.

Is Going To A Rehab Center Necessary?

Yes. The process of drug rehabilitation is extremely complex and requires the help of trained professionals. Additionally, the entire procedure requires a high level of commitment, which is more possible in the structured environment of a drug rehab center.

Going to a rehab facility in West Warwick will let the patient mingle with people suffering from similar or worse cases of addiction. This gives patients hope and assurance that they are not alone.

How Long Is A Drug Rehab In West Warwick?

The duration of a drug rehabilitation center depends on the type and seriousness of addiction and on the willingness of the addict to work with the program. A simple detoxification program takes approximately three days or so. However, detoxing the body of existing drugs is not the only goal of a rehabilitation center.

The main aim of any rehab facility in West Warwick is to make certain that the person is free from drugs, and capable of living a healthy productive life without risk of a relapse. There is no distinct time limit to drug treatment, it depends on the specific person. Some individuals in recovery find it beneficial to participate in meetings and support groups long after their stint in the rehab. Others might choose to discontinue the program after detoxification and recovery from painful withdrawal symptoms.

Most rehab centers in West Warwick offer either short term programs or long term programs. In short term treatment programs, the addict lives in the rehabilitation facility for a period of one or two months. During this time, the patient goes through a complete detoxification and is educated about addiction and how it occurs. The patient receives training on handling peer pressure, stress and is encouraged to talk about personal issues. A short term residential program is more effective than solely a three day detox, and greatly reduces the chance of a relapse.

A long term residential treatment facility stretches for three months to a year or more. Usually addicts prone to relapses are recommended for such a program. This facility encourages addicts to live independently by letting them take part in household duties, learn vocational skills while also participating in group therapy. Living in a long term rehabilitation program acclimatizes addicts with the idea of adjusting in normal society after the rehab program. Such facilities are intended to lower the rate of relapses.

In Closing

An ideal drug rehabilitation center should treat a patient's current addiction, as well as take measures to prevent relapses. Along with therapy it is important that addicts be treated with respect and care to help encourage them through the program.

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