Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


Substance abuse in the state of Maryland is a serious problem which has existed for quite some time. In order to find any type of resolution for substance abuse in the state, residents need to be aware of the prevention and drug treatment options that are available in the region and how to get help right away for oneself or someone else. Even though individuals involved with drugs and alcohol can struggle to quit on their own, it doesn't mean they have to be condemned to this self destructive lifestyle. Family member and friends can get involved and help them as well, as soon as they have an understanding of the problem and how to get them this help. This may sometimes require a drug intervention, a simple tool which can be used to convince someone who wouldn't normally be easily persuaded to get help for substance abuse in Maryland.

To highlight how serious the problem is in Maryland, about 125,000 residents in the state report past year abuse of drugs or alcohol or dependence to these substances. In particular, 12-25 year olds experience the highest rates of substance abuse and dependence in the state. Alcohol abuse and dependence is one of the most serious problems in the state, with 313,000 Maryland residents reporting being caught up in such abuse. This too is not just a problem amongst adults in the state, and 18 to 25 years old report alcohol abuse and dependence rates of about 15%. In terms of illicit drugs of abuse in Maryland, heroin, marijuana and crack cocaine are the illicit drugs most commonly cited among treatment admissions to publicly funded drug treatment facilities in the state. Heroin is a particular problem, with one in four admissions stating that heroin was the main reason they required treatment. Likewise, one in four treatment admission mention crack cocaine as their reason for needing treatment in the state. Other opiates, a category which includes prescription pain killers, are experiencing a significant rise in rates of abuse and the treatment need for individuals abusing these types of drugs has continuously increased in Maryland over the past several years in all age groups.

Most of the drug trends in Maryland, mirror common problems seen in most states in the region and substance abuse rates nationwide. Particularly in reference to the prescription drug epidemic which is sweeping the nation. This is a serious problem as individuals who abuse prescription drugs in Maryland, including children, take these drugs with the assumption they are safe. This of course could not be farther from the truth and many overdose deaths have occurred because of this in the state and nationwide. It is important than and all prevention methods are taken to educate youth and adult about the dangers and risks involved in any type of drug abuse, including abuse of prescription drugs. Once it is apparent that any Maryland resident is involved in substance abuse or is drug or alcohol dependent, private inpatient and residential rehab programs in the state and in neighboring states are prepared to offer the highest level of care for as long as needed to get them abstinent and back in the game of life.