Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


There are a few substance abuse issues in Iowa which standout as serious cause for concern, as they affect the future and wellbeing of just about every resident in the state. In every age group this is a concern, including school aged youth, young adults, and even seniors citizens in the state. Because the acute and long-term consequences of substance abuse can be so serious and potentially life threatening, not to mention the many social consequences involved, it is important that problems which are evident in Iowa be taken seriously and addressed as effectively as possible. Prevention is a key method of stopping the progression of the substance abuse problem for future generations, and this is something that parents can do with Iowa youth on an immediate basis. Treatment is the key to putting an end to substance abuse in the state, and Iowans have some of the most effective treatment options at their disposal right within their state.

To highlight the specific problems that Iowans are faced with, it is simply a matter of looking into which substances are most frequently reported among treatment admissions in the state. In addition, surveys are often conducted among high school aged youth as well as various other reporting systems such as those which describe types of emergency department visits and drug-related overdose deaths. Alcohol is the most frequently abused substance among both youth and adults in Iowa, and over 31% of treatment admissions in the state report alcohol as their only substance of abuse. In addition, Iowa is ranked in the top 10 of states in the nation for rates of binge drinking. The consequences of alcoholism in Iowa are evident in the health consequences which result from this each year, and in 2009 there were over 150 deaths in Iowa which result from alcoholic cirrhosis. In terms of major illicit drugs of abuse in Iowa, marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription pharmaceuticals are the major drug threats in the state. Prescription drug abuse, particularly abuse of prescription pain killers, appears to be one of the most serious and widespread drug problems in Iowa. In fact, while marijuana use among youth in Iowa has declined in recent years, non-medical use among this age group has increased significantly. This is a far more dangerous problem, due to the fact that opioid users such as those who abuse prescription pain killers are at very high risk of deadly overdose.

There is no telling who will fall prey to substance abuse, it can happen to just about anyone in Iowa of any age and background. If it does happen it doesnt have to be a death sentence. Many Iowans have found effective help in the form of drug rehab and have recovered from substance abuse and now have a much better quality of life. Private drug rehab programs in Iowa and in neighboring states which offer a long-term stay in an inpatient or residential facility have been proven to be the most beneficial treatment option for individuals looking to make a full recovery. Iowans in these types of programs can expect to be in treatment for at least three months, which is time well spent when considering the outcome of a drug free life.