Help Me Find a Drug Rehab Center


The state of Hawaii has a very serious drug problem, a problem which has not only persisted but worsened in recent years. Hawaii ranks very high in terms of national rates of current illicit drug use, well above the national average for lifetime, current and past month use of drugs. This isnt just a problem among adults, with children also becoming involved in substance abuse in the state at very early ages. This then sets Hawaiian youth up for substance abuse issues in the future during adulthood, which puts the entire future of Hawaii and its culture and way of life at risk. Hawaii is taking measures to curb the problem, but there are things which every resident can do to help. The first step is to understand the problem fully, what measures can be taken to prevent it, and what can ultimately be done if someone needs treatment.

The drugs which appear to representing the highest rates of abuse in Hawaii are marijuana, methamphetamine, and other opiates. Marijuana in particular is the number one illicit drug problem in the state, and the rate of past month use in Hawaii is significantly greater among residents in the state than their national counterparts. Marijuana use is also a problem among youth in the state, with 30% of Hawaiian high school students reporting lifetime use of the drug. Methamphetamine is also an extremely significant drug problem in the state, not only because of such high rates of abuse but because of the consequences of meth use which includes many serious social and health consequences. Other opiates refers to opiates other than heroin, primarily prescription pain killers which are often diverted and abused by individuals who are addicted and dependent to such opiate drugs. This is not just a problem in Hawaii, but a global and nationwide issue which has garnered much attention in recent years because of the astounding rates of prescription drug abuse which have only recently come to light. The prescription pain killer Hydrocodone appears to be the prescription drug of choice among non-medical users.

It will be no small task to completely defeat the ever-worsening drug problem in the state of Hawaii. It is however possible to help individuals on an one-on-one basis, and have faith in the drug rehab process. There are many highly effective treatment options available in the state of Hawaii and nationwide which have helped resolve cases of addiction ranging from mild to severe, to very successful results. If your child, friend, sibling, spouse or even co-worker is showing signs of substance abuse, take action immediately and seek out a treatment option which can help them. For example, private long-term residential drug rehab programs in the state and abroad have proven very effective in helping individuals with serious cases of addiction and dependence, such as those involved in prescription drug abuse or meth addiction. If you need help yourself, contact a professional treatment counselor at a private residential drug rehab program in Hawaii today to find the solution youre looking for.